Get Things Done!

Digital Gathering Space for Diamond Members

Could you use some work-time accountability? Want a digital body-double while you do tasks at home? Want to be in shared space while you watch GSA webinars? Want a reminder that other people indeed exist (without it also being super distracting)? Then join the GSA team for an open coworking session!

Diane (they/them) of the GSA team holds the Open Coworking sessions for all Diamond members who are looking to share digital space with other folks. There are multiple options for spaces to join within the Zoom meeting, including:

Community Room: The main Zoom room will be a dedicated space for focusing on individual tasks and projects, and will be muted (microphones off) for 50 minutes of every hour, with a 10 minute microphones-on break for folks who want to check in and have a quick stretch or chat before returning to their tasks.

Chat Room: A dedicated breakout room for folks who would like to be mics-on and chat with other folks! This is a good spot to bounce ideas off of one another.

We're fans of adaptability here so, there is also flexibility in the sessions to adapt to the needs of the group that is present. If folks want breakout rooms specific to certain people, intentions or interests, that can be accommodated. Upon entering the Open Cowering session, we’ll check in with everyone to see what you're needing from the space and go from there!

  • Drop in anytime and stay as long as you want!

  • Generally Mondays and Fridays 7am-1pm PST. PLEASE SEE BELOW on the Calendar for any changes to the schedule. TimeZone Converter.

  • Community Room will be muted/mics-off for 50 minutes of every hour with a 10-minute mics-on check in at the top of every hour. You can always turn off your speakers and keep working. :)

  • The Zoom link is in the first lesson of the course player. (That link will only work if you're logged in as a Diamond)

  • You don't have to be working on work-work, you can be watching GSA classes on your own computer during the muted times.

Grisha Stewart Academy Calendar

You can also subscribe to our Google Calendar for dog training events at the academy here. We also have collection of descriptions for upcoming events, which may sometimes include events not yet on the Google calendar. If this calendar needs updating, please contact us.