Welcome to the CBATI-KSA Transition Program!

We are so glad to have you here. If you are a CBATI who has certified before September 30, 2022, then you are in the right place. Once you sign the code of conduct, you can start using the letters CBATI-KSA in place of CBATI on all your printed materials, social media, and website. Please log in to view the course. If you aren't yet enrolled, just email Claire.

‘CBATI’ is now an umbrella term that includes the whole CBATI-KSA and CBATI-KA family, so you'll want to use KSA to demonstrate that you've proved your BAT acumen in a practical skills assessment, and earned the highest level of certification.

This course gives more details about the program and act as your orientation to the process of keeping and renewing your KSA. As promised, there is no charge for any of the courses or for renewal if you complete all the steps in time.

We've worked hard to made the process as easy as possible while still maintaining the integrity of the CBATI program at the highest standard, but fully understand if you still have questions or concerns.

  • Do Now: Sign the CBATI-KSA Code of Conduct that you'll find in the course. [Due Dec 1, 2022]

  • Do by the end of 2023: Complete the courses in order to retain the CBATI-KSA designation and all the privileges that go with it. [Due Dec 30, 2023]

  • There are nine (9) courses in total on the list. Two (2) of which are required, two (2) of which you can choose from the remaining seven (7).

  • Complete your four (4) courses from the Course List so that they show 100% complete in your "Dashboard."

  • Send an email to the CBATI Program Office. Attach your course completion Certificates.

  • The program office will send you your CBATI-KSA logo and digital copy of your CBATI-KSA Certificate.

  • All courses listed in this bundle are FREE until December 30th, 2023.

  • That's it! Just log in and/or sign up for this free class and we'll walk you through it. Let us know if you have any questions.