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A Good Introduction to the Courses

Ashley Badgley

For dog parents or professionals, this is the best place to start for figuring out where to go next

For dog parents or professionals, this is the best place to start for figuring out where to go next

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Course curriculum

Get help to find your path through our enormous library of
dog training and behavior classes.

  • 1

    Orientation Information: How to Navigate the Course Player, etc.

    • Welcome - Start Here

    • Navigating this course player

    • How to Search for Classes, eBooks, etc.

    • American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) Position Statement on Humane Animal Training

    • We Teach Modern Animal Training - what is that?

    • What's a Webinar and How is it Different from a Course? Glossary of Terms on GrishaStewart.com

    • How to Sign Up for Online Classes at the Academy

    • Find a Trainer, etc. How to Find Local or Virtual Help in our Directory

  • 2

    Which Classes Should I Take? Roadmaps to Success

    • What Do the Class Categories Mean?

    • I Want to Be a Professional Dog Trainer

    • I Want to Geek Out on Reactivity, including Aggression, Frustration, and Fear (professional trainers)

    • I'm Curious About Empowered / Positive Dog Training (professional trainers)

  • 3

    I've Signed Up for a Class or Membership, Now What?

    • How do I view my stuff?

    • Account Information

    • CEUs and Certificates

    • Affiliate program - earn income or I'll make donations for you

    • Communications: Facebook Groups, Email, etc.

    • Additional Help and Questions

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