Yoga to help your dog relax

Get the scientific foundation of Real Dog Yoga and how to involve this practice in all of your training. Yoga is defined as the stilling of the senses. It is a practice which involves people taking and holding specific postures, focusing on the present, and working on physical stimulation as a pathway to still themselves mentally.

Real Dog Yoga shares the same aims [but for dogs], as well as improving focus, body consciousness, and dog-human connection.

This recorded on-demand streaming webinar is focused on some of the aspects that are beyond the postures discussed in Jo's book, "Real Dog Yoga." She went into mat work and how to create training dialogues.

Recorded live online December 15, 2015.

  • What is real dog yoga? HOW do we train using the Yoga protocol?

  • Why do some dogs fail in traditional training environments - even force-free ones?

  • HOW do we know when something in the training environment is poisonous to our dogs?

  • Contra Freeloading: Trusting the desire to work

  • Eyes on the prize: how watching food can remove choice with vulnerable dogs What happens to the brain when we stop and put our tools down?

  • What is meant by a mutual training dialogue?

  • And more, including base positions and using stillness to start on the right foot, breaking as part of the process of learning, and measuring pace

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Dog Behaviorist and Author

Jo-Rosie Haffenden

Jo has a degree in psychology and specialised in zoology; specifically attachment theory in young mammals. She also achieved post graduate qualifications in canine psychology and specialised in aggression. She is a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). Jo has enjoyed working for The Blue Cross and also The Company of Animals before she started her company School4Dogs, which has 5 trainers and covers East Sussex in the UK. As well as being the recommended behaviourist for many rescue centres and vets, Jo also works as an expert witness for the courts in dangerous dog cases, has appeared on TV shows including "Teach My Pet To Do That," "Train Your Baby Like A Dog," and is an Animal Behaviorist and teacher at The School of Canine Science.

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