Dogs Are Family! Learn How Thrive Together

Dog training has historically focused on what the dog should or should not do, leading to punishment and reinforcement. As confusing, frustrating, and scary as they can be, dog behavior "problems" actually serve a purpose for your dog.

Dog's aren't trying to take over your home, they're trying to live safely, trust their family, and have fun, just like you. Like any relationship, an interspecies family gets along better when everyone's needs are met. Whatever you're facing, we have a class for that!

Get instant access to humane online dog behavior education for whatever has you puzzled.

  • Empowerment approach, helping you and your dog live in harmony! You'll likely find what you learn here will help all of your relationships, including the one with yourself. ❤️

  • Over 140 online dog training classes with hundreds of videos from global dog training and behavior experts.

  • Most of the classes are aimed at dog professionals, but also suitable for help with your own dog. Take whichever courses fit best for you, at your own pace.

  • Topics range from what to do when you first get a puppy to how to deal with issues like fear or aggression, to neuroscience, trauma, and how to teach classes for aggression..

  • The Course Library is always growing! Library Pass gets you access to recordings of live webinars 1 month after the presentation. For earlier access, consider Diamond membership

  • The GSA Library Pass is a great budget option for dog lovers who just want to watch webinars, but don't need the full benefits and community of the Diamond Membership. Our full Diamond Membership has a lot more perks you might find useful, like live access to online classes, advanced lessons, discussion groups, a directory listing, continuing education units (CEUs), and courses for certification.

  • No commitment! Easily cancel renewal at any time; access will expire at the end of your month.

What does a Library Pass get me?

Essentially, you get all of our on-demand classes and Grisha's eBooks! Most of our live events are also recorded for on-demand access, they are accessible with the Library Pass one month later. If you want to attend live or get next-day access to the recordings, check out the full Diamond Membership.

Diamond membership includes Library Access, plus a professional directory listing, CBATI-KSA assessment discount, Facebook group, Member meetups, Member Logo, Store discounts, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), live online dog training classes, and more. Library means our On-Demand dog training classes and Grisha's eBooks including BAT.

Compare the Library Pass and Diamond Membership

Both are a great value! Which one is best for you?

  • $29.99 / month

    $29.99 / monthGSA Library Pass

    Streaming access to all on-demand courses on the site. This is a great budget option and a way to test drive the site and it works for dog trainers as well as families with dog. There is a one-month delay between the live session and when the recording is accessible with a library pass.

    Note: You can upgrade to Diamond membership later by cancelling the Library Pass and signing up for Diamond.
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  • $39.99 / month

    $39.99 / monthDiamond Membership All Access Pass

    Live webinars and early and ongoing access to our full online course library (usually posted within one day of the live sessions).

    Also a professional directory listing, special events, student coupons, and other perks just for Diamond Members. This is the best choice if you are a professional or aspiring dog trainer and are looking for an empathetic, kind community experience, or if you don't want to wait a month to watch new on-demand webinars.

    We also fully welcome people who are just here to train their own dogs!
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Comparison: Which suits you best?

3 ways for you to learn world-class dog behavior and training online.

Library Pass

Diamond All-Access Membership

Direct Purchase of a webinar or course


$39.99/month or scholarship*

Varies. Webinars are usually $29, courses $99

Over 140 On-Demand Classes

Grisha's eBooks

LIVE Events

✓ Full Access

Live Webinar Recordings

✓ After 30 Days

✓ Within 24 Hours

Special Zoom Meet-Ups

Directory Listing

Store Discount

Facebook Group

Can enroll in CBATI-KA coursework

Can enroll in CBATI-KA Assessment

Member logo for your website

Special coupons for other schools, stores, etc.

Renewal period

Monthly or annually

Monthly, 6-months, or annually. Can also be purchased without renewal.

None (Permanent Access)

* The next scholarship review is mid-March, and if you want to be considered, apply by March 10, 2024. We offer unlimited BIPOC/PGM scholarships for lifetime Diamond membership. We also offer 6-month scholarships for low-income individuals. Learn more.