"You stand up for what your school teaches"

Diamond Member

"When I do have time to dig in or catch a live webinar I always leave learning something new. I definitely love the actual training classes.  I learn through watching.  I admire the respectful and kind way you, Grisha, interact with your clients and guests.  On occasion you have had to step in and clarify another guests training methodology, in the best of scenarios a tricky thing to do.  I have learned from you as you stand up for what your school teaches and have a conversation about how to line up each of your methodologies. You are a kind and effective human and I enjoy learning from one of the BEST!
  Thank you!"

"The value of content is unparalleled."

Diamond Member

"I use and refer to the school almost constantly, plus all the new stuff that comes along is so worth it. I want to keep learning and this is one of the best resources I know. I've also encouraged many of my training clients to enroll. I think the information available is too important not to share."

"Thank you for everything"

Bianca Steinmetz, Canada (Bianca's Dog Care Dog Walking And Training)

"I love your website and the webinars and videos and pretty much all the content! It is so very much appreciated. 🙏🏻 BAT 2.0 keeps helping me with so many of my customers."

"Love Your Kindness!"

Diamond Member

"I love your training philosophy, love your kindness, love your webinars, love how you transformed my relationship with my dog. THANK YOU!!!"

"Great way to sample"

Katherina A., The Netherlands

"It was very helpful to know about the courses you offer and your teaching style, thank you :) I very much like the live consults... I thought it was a great way to show us how you work with clients and see in real-life how you solve issues that evolve during consults. This is unique, you don't get this in a "normal" course. I think it is also brave to show everything you do, realistically and in real-time."

"Such a value"

Diamond Member

"Thank you for offering such a wonderful learning experience at an affordable cost. It is such a value and I appreciate the time it takes to do this."

"I love all the courses and options"

Diamond Member

"I have been learning from you for many years, Grisha and I appreciate all you do to make learning accessible and enjoyable and I especially am grateful for BAT and all that I have learned from it to help people and dogs in my community. Thank you!"

"Philosophy here is perfect for me"

Diamond Member

"I'm trained both in ethology and learning mechanisms. So I know the theory behind conditioning but I find it much more useful to study the dog-human relationship as an ethologist; cross-species communication. So the philosophy here is perfect for me. Just watching Anders Hallgren paid for the membership, I feel, that was so educational."

"Access all courses"

Diamond Member

"I chose it [Diamond membership] because it allows me access to all courses. Some are interesting to me, like the predation one and Dante's (and many others) but it is a source of references, ideas, ways to present topics, ways to express ideas."

"Cost effective"

Diamond Member

"I've purchased a couple of courses and was going to purchase a third and thought it would be more cost effective to try the membership. It will let me explore other aspects of training that i wouldn't have considered purchasing."

Why Become a Diamond?

A Diamond membership makes you part of the family. It's essentially an unlimited all-access pass to my dog training and behavior school, including courses from dog behavior experts from around the world as well as my BAT 2.0 and Ahimsa eBooks.

I'm reserving the right to also offer a few masterclasses separate from the membership, pretty much everything we teach is included in the membership. This includes all the courses required for the CBATI-KA designation but please bear in mind that there is an assessment fee to pay and a min number of months you must be a fee paying Diamond in order to take the assessment (at the moment you must be a Diamond for the 3 months immediately prior to applying for the assessment - this will rise to 6 months after March 31, 2023).

This online school is an Approved Education Provider for the CCPDT, so most courses are approved for CPDT CEUs, too. It's an excellent value and a commitment to your education.

Diamond membership isn't just for professional dog trainers, but if you work with dogs for a living, this is the best value out there for high quality education.

From one of the many happy Diamonds: "Having happy dogs is very very valuable to me. I've got a shelf of books, I've browsed YouTube, but it's worth it to be able to go directly to the site to hear Grisha's honest, informed take on these questions."

Already a Diamond? Click here for the Orientation.

  • Diamond is the elite membership level and includes all Gold perks, plus a lot more.

  • One steady, affordable monthly fee, so you can budget. If you'd rather get an annual membership or one-time pass, Click here for more options.

  • Access all Live classes and recordings by me (Grisha) and other instructors (Michael Shikashio, Susan Friedman, Kathy Sdao, Chirag Patel, Lili Chin, Simone Mueller, Jamie Popper, Anders Hallgren, Katrien Lismont, Diane Garrod, Kim Brophey, Sarah Fisher, Andrew Hale, and lots more!)

  • New dog training and behavior classes are added every month with speakers chosen for their commitment to empowerment-based training and kindness to humans. I select instructors who are lifelong learners with information that will help professional dog trainers -- especially if I think I can learn something new from them, too!

  • Earn income or shelter donations in the affiliate program.

  • Special deals for your students or friends to save on courses.

  • No commitment! Cancel automatic renewal at any time and keep access until the end of your month. Restart whenever you want with no penalty.

  • Downloaded eBooks are still yours to keep if membership expires!

  • This is a phenomenal value, and your Diamond rate won't ever go up (unless you cancel and restart later). Active members are grandfathered into the rate from when they last started the membership, so when the rate goes up to something more reasonable, you'll still only pay $29.99.

You don't have to pick and choose!

It's a luxury and a value at the same time. Practically everything we teach on this site is included for Diamond members.

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From Our Anonymous Member Survey

"Why did you become a Diamond?"

Always new

Diamond Member

Because of the amazing courses, all the exciting content and always new coming. The quality of the courses, presentation and professionals that share so much knowledge.

Too good to pass up

Diamond Member

The courses you offer are amazing and I couldn't just choose one or two. The price was too good to pass up and the content of your courses and so packed full of information. Thank you for offering this membership.

Learn as much as possible

Diamond Member

I wanted access to multiple resources and felt that the live programs would be very helpful. I want to learn as much as possible and the Diamond Membership gives me that opportunity. 

Too much great stuff

Diamond Member

There are a lot courses that drew my attention. Too much great stuff here and I don't know how to choose. 

Facebook Group

Diamond Member

The courses in the catalog looked interesting and I didn’t want to have to pick and choose. The Facebook group where I can ask questions was attractive to me.

Reactive Dog

Diamond Member

To gain more knowledge and skills but particularly in BAT at the moment as I have a reactive dog and I want to help him.

More than one course

Diamond Member

Because of my job and working times i am unable to participate regularly in lives. I also wanted to look at more than one course option so becoming a diamond member gave me the ability to do that freely at my availability. 

No Brainer

Diamond Member

Just quickly browsing your training school, I found several things right off the BAT (I know, I know!) that interested me.  The diamond membership seemed like a no brainer.  

Only 99 cents more

Diamond Member

There are several courses that sound interesting, but the first one that caught my eye is the Predation Substitute Training.  That training is 29, and the diamond membership is only 99 cents more for a month.  I thought it would make sense to check out the other course options for the month too!

Easier and cheaper

Diamond Member

I saw a lot of courses on this site that could be interesting for me. So i thought it would be a lot easier for me to become a Diamond Member (and also cheaper)

"The best part about being a Diamond is..."


Diamond Member

"Learning from a variety of presenters with YOU Grisha interacting with them.  I like the dialog, the conversation.  One of my most favorites was the amazing panel discussion with you, Chirag, and others going almost page by page in Lili's Body Language book.  One of the best webinars, practical, illuminating, engaging....as are so many of your webinars.  Such a vast Membership site with something for all of us.  I know this type of school takes a tremendous amount of time, talent and effort.  THANK YOU!!!

Easy Browsing

"I can browse through all the videos and don't have to decide whether or not to purchase!"


Diamond Member

"I can participate in anything you ‘make up’. If there’s a course I don’t find interesting right now or I haven’t got time for now, I know it’s waiting for me 😍 "

No Judgement

Diamond Member

"...learning so much about my dog in a friendly environment where I am not judged for my short comings in knowledge but learn to understand my dog and help her."

Asking Questions

Diamond Member

"Being exposed to so much good, very detailed and helpful learning. So good. Being able to ask questions is great. Being a demo team was pretty cool in that we got specific help with our dog. That was amazing. I was nervous though but that's ok. We did it. I'm so grateful for the experience, the high quality help and the learning."


Diamond Member

"The amount of information there is at your fingertips by professionals who use scientifically based methods."

Easy Decision

Diamond Member

"...not having to make decisions about wanting some aspect of the program enough to pay for it separately.  And supporting quality work."


Diamond Member

"I feel like I have a safe and highly educational place to go to learn from others that I respect and are like-minded."


Diamond Member

"Learning, learning, learning, and being part of a community of like minded trainers."

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It's all included, even world-renowned guest experts like Dr. Susan Friedman, Michael Shikashio, and Simone Mueller.

There are nearly 100 courses on a variety of dog training and behavior topics, more every month!

I'm thrilled to have found a way to make so much quality education affordable: $29.99 per month to access everything!

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