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The CBATI-KA program aims to provide trainers a solid foundation in the theory and spirit behind the BAT method. The CBATI-KA program is the first step on the journey to becoming a Behavior Adjustment Trainer – Knowledge and Skills Assessed (CBATI-KSA formally known as CBATI) and replaces in person theory-based certification seminars.

There are no prerequisites to apply to be a CBATI-KA although students will find the material much easier to complete if they have some level of dog training experience. Students can enroll at any time during the year. Diamond Members must be in good standing to apply for the Assessment (active paying members for the 3 months immediately prior to applying for the Assessment. This will rise to 6 months on March 31, 2023). There is also a fee of $100 for all Diamonds taking the assessment.

Note: The CBATI-KSA program is currently being "soft-launched" and is only available for Diamond members of the Academy. Some program features and processes may change before the official launch in Spring, 2023. Click to learn more about membership..

  • Designed for professional dog trainers and behaviorists wishing to demonstrate an in depth understanding of BAT for aggression, frustration, and fear in dogs. Trainers interested in becoming a CBATI-KSA must first achieve CBATI-KA. Also suitable for advanced students looking for insight into their own situation.

  • No prerequisites. Take up to two years to complete the program, at your own pace.

  • Consists of 29 courses with a total of approx 100 hours of teaching time. Courses are all delivered online and are available for you to stream at a time that suits you.

  • Diamond Members can roll on/roll off as long as their membership is valid, but must have been an active paying member for the 3 months prior to assessment (this will change to 6 months from March 31, 2023).

  • Kind, fair open-book assessment process.

  • Simple Recertification process - every two years, four courses from the Academy Continuing Professional Development List, and payment of a recertification fee.

  • Need more details? Watch the presentation by Program Administrator Claire Goyer, CBATI in the "Ask Me Anything" Diamond Minds session.

  • This Certification Program and whole lot more is included with a Diamond Membership All Access Pass. For one low price per month, you get access to all of our emotionally enriching dog courses. See if Diamond is right for you.

  • Already a Diamond? You're already enrolled in this Program, at no extra charge. The Assessment is a separate purchase and it's only $100 for Diamond members. To start learning to becoming a CBATI-KA, just log in as a Diamond and refresh this page. Then click the Start Learning or Resume Learning button on the top of this page.

  • Part of the process is to sign the Code of Conduct.

A quick welcome from Grisha Stewart, Creator of Behavior Adjustment Training

BAT-KA Certification Process

From start to finish, your path to success! (Infographic coming soon)

Watch a Presentation from Program Administrator Claire Goyer, CBATI

Get all the details before you sign up!

(Recorded Live - Program Preview for members - 90 minutes)

Find out how you can take your understanding of BAT to the next level.

  • 100 Hours of Video

    100 Hours of Teaching video (approx) consisting of recorded live webinars, Q&A sessions, and direct-to-camera filmed courses.

    Throughout the enrollment period, students will have access to mentored program courses at no extra charge.

  • Resources & Continuing Education Units

    Downloads include copies of the Presentation Slides (where applicable, for student use only), Grisha's BAT 2.0 ebook, and Instructor Handouts .

    Professional dog trainers and behaviorists earn CEUs from the CCPDT and IAABC!

    CCPDT: 78.5
    IAABC: Pending

  • Continue the Learning

    CBATI-KA candidates are also eligible to continue the conversation in the Academy's CBATI-KA Learner Support Community Space

    Diamond members can also post in the exclusive FB group.

Student Experience

5 star rating

CBATI-KA Certification Program: Enrollment 2022-2024

Jan Gordon

As always, it was easy to understand what to expect and I am so excited to get started!!

As always, it was easy to understand what to expect and I am so excited to get started!!

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5 star rating

So exciting!

Jeanette Martocchio

I have been waiting and waiting for this! Thank you, Grisha!

I have been waiting and waiting for this! Thank you, Grisha!

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5 star rating


Jade William Ritzon Hewison

Very good

Very good

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