Would You Like a Consistent & Reliable Retrieve to Hand?

Does your dog play keep-away with balls, socks, etc.? Does she drop toys on the ground instead of delivering to your hand? Is she reluctant to pick the item up? The solution is the Clicker Retrieve!

This isn’t just for fetching - in fact, I don’t necessarily recommend a lot of high intensity fetching because it can increase arousal. For example, you can hide a toy and have your dog go search for it, instead. I also find that if a dog guards something, the easiest way to address the issue is to teach your dog to bring the precious item to you.

The sit. The wait. The go-out. The pick-up. The return. The delivery.

The Clicker Retrieve is a chain of behaviors, and with all chains, at any point, things can go wrong. I first met Jo Laurens in a BAT instructor’s course many years ago. She’s an insightful trainer and a kind human being. Please join Jo for this webinar to learn how to teach each piece of this chain and put it together for a reliable retrieve.

Join us and ask Jo your questions live online, June 15th at 10am Pacific Time, will also be recorded.

  • Suitable for professional dog trainers and veterinarians, as well as families with dogs.

  • Go from zero retrieve to retrieving a wide variety of items. Great skill for service dogs!

  • Suitable for all breeds. Your dog doesn't need to be a gundog as any dog can be trained to retrieve!

  • Video recording of a live online session.

  • CEUs (Pending) for dog trainer recertification. We are an Approved Education Provider for the CCPDT.

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Any Dog Can be Taught to Retrieve

  • Video & More

    Includes a video of the presentation, Q&As, session transcript, and PDF of the slide notes to assist your learning.

    CPDT CEUs Pending.

  • Great Examples

    You'll love the way Jo breaks everything down, with clear video to explain each step.

  • Learn in Community

    Webinar attendees are eligible to continue the conversation in the Grisha Stewart Learner Support Facebook Group.

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About the Instructor

CBATI, Force Free Gundog Trainer

Jo Laurens, CBATI

Jo Laurens is the author of Force-Free Gundog Training and the host of the Hold The Line podcast. Jo lives in the U.K. and is a true student of canine behavior, in addition to being a world-renowned sporting dog trainer. She is a full member of the APDT (UK) and has completed the Compass Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. Jo is also certified with the Pet Professional Guild as an Accredited Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant.

Jo also has a special interest in reactivity and fear. She is a Certified BAT Instructor (CBATI) and a Fear Free Certified Trainer. Finally, Jo is also an Accredited Instructor and Assessor with The Gundog Club, where her passion is to help gundog trainers work with their dogs, without leash corrections or other intimidation.

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