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Deaf Dog Webinar

carrie brueckner

This was worth watching, even as someone who has worked with deaf dogs. I wish the writing on the slides that described the videos was more clear.

This was worth watching, even as someone who has worked with deaf dogs. I wish the writing on the slides that described the videos was more clear.

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First off, I really like the way your site has evolved, Grisha. It has become more user friendly, the sound quality is excellent, and the content is nothing ...

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First off, I really like the way your site has evolved, Grisha. It has become more user friendly, the sound quality is excellent, and the content is nothing less than stellar. This is what this profession has needed for a long time, a behavior learning center with up to date content and excellent demonstrations. This goes a long way to help new learners (have my CBCC only 15 mo now). I can say with certainty that this is the best behavior site online now. I believe Kikopup's channel is the de facto goto for training, and you have some great content from her as well. Terrie is a total rock star. Her books helped me when I started working with deaf dogs 2 years ago and I follow pretty much all her training tips (I prefer the thumbs up). I like her tip on using same hand for marker and treat to keep training clean. Here is some additional feedback: 1. I am a big advocate of smiling when I deliver the marker. I think we all know that the word "no" has usually become a conditioned aversive along with the facial expression at the time. Also, any time a client calls us, they usually have a history of frustration and nasty grimaces. It is still possible that a smile-like expression (clenching teeth) has become a conditioned aversive. To correct both, I ask the client to combine the marker (yes, good, good boy etc) with a smile, then follow with a treat. This will countercondition any previously aversive smile-like grimace (delivered with "no!") while assuring that the smile is classically conditioned by the treat. Furthermore, a recent MRI study (APDT online conference), indicated that a treat and praise have essentially equal value. Since I work primarily with phobic and "aggressive dogs", I find that the client's grimace (face in hands, anger, rolling eyes, wide-eyed stare) usually remains with their training and is an unaccounted variable in retarding progress. As a result, I instruct the client to smile (which makes them happier too lol). With non-deaf dogs, all of the above may be concealed since the dog need not look at the handler to hear the click or "yes." With a deaf dog, they must look each time. I believe the "smile" should be especially emphasized here so as not to poison newly installed hand signals. 2. I think the possible contingency of a leash/harness failure should be accounted for with deaf dogs. We know this happens, and a good audible recall will promptly fix this with non-deaf dogs. With a deaf dog, the handler probably will not have a vibrating collar installed. Most leash failures occur when the dog lunges/takes off in response to powerful stimuli, so this makes it even more dangerous. I carry an orange tennis ball and use the sight of this as a cue to check in. By pre-installing cues for reactivity or predatory responses, the dog knows to stop and return to me for a treat/praise. I found this is useful when I am in my backyard and she runs after a bird/bunny/passerby. In each case, once I throw the orange ball, she turns around and comes back to me for the finest of doggie hors d'oeuvres. 3. Here are some great advantages of deaf dogs! a. You can jam your music up load at home and at the car. b. I can take her to loud concerts and jam circles. c. When I scream at my computer, she can't hear me! d. I think they have enhanced scent, and I have trained her to sniff out lost items. e. She sleeps really well! I can watch TV all nite and she remains snug asleep! f. She hears less sounds outdoors which might cause her to become reactive. g. She never has to hear me whine (lol). Thanks for a great webinar.

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Julie Wassell

spot on

spot on

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No Deaf Dog but really interesting !

Christine Scharf

This theme seams very complicated but in fact, with your enlightening, it's not ! Thank you !

This theme seams very complicated but in fact, with your enlightening, it's not ! Thank you !

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Give your deaf dog a fuller life with some simple adaptations.

Years ago, a woman brought her sweet, deaf Dalmation puppy to class in tears, saying her veterinarian recommended that he be put to sleep, just because he was deaf. Apparently the vet thought deaf dogs were likely to become aggressive.

Fast forward a few decades and we know that the aggression came from fear and confusion. Caregivers and dog trainers were often using punishment instead of modern methods and also weren't adapting their training to be accessible to deaf dogs.

In this webinar, you'll learn clear behavior for visual cues you need every day like down, reinforced check-ins, targeting, and a settle cue as well as custom requests. You'll also avoid the common problem of leaning on "NO" to stop behavior problems and why that causes more harm than good.

Professional dog trainer Terrie Hayward shares her home with a deaf dog, so she knows the ways you might be struggling.

Recorded March, 2022 with audience Q&A.

  • Suitable for pet owners, trainers, and behaviorists.

  • Learn how to communicate in a way that clicks for your deaf dog.

  • Emerge from the labyrinth of miscommunication as Terrie simplifies hand signals.

  • Nix the nay and no. Terrie will reveal the road to better behavior by removing negative noise.

  • For a better value, consider a membership! This webinar is included with a Diamond All Access Pass.

Sneak Peak of Terrie Teaching Settle with Deaf Dog Blanca.

Improve Communication Today!

  • 2 hours of video

    The presentation and audience Q&A were both recorded for you to watch or rewatch any time! Includes slide notes and an automated session transcript.

  • Professional Trainers & Behaviorists

    Continuing Education: 1.5 CCPDT Trainer CEUs.
    1.5 IAABC CEUs.

  • Learn in Community

    Webinar attendees are also eligible to continue the conversation in the Grisha Stewart Learner Support Facebook Group.

    Diamond members can also post in the special group for Diamonds.

About the Instructor

I'm thrilled to be welcoming Terrie back to my Academy. Read on to learn why!

Professional Dog Trainer

Terrie Hayward, M.Ed., CDBC, KPACTP, CPDT-KA, CSAT

Terrie Hayward has an M.Ed. and is a Faculty Member of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA), a KPA Certified Training Partner (CTP), and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Additionally, she is also certified in Canine Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) and is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, and has written articles on training for BARKS magazine, Pet Business, and Grooming Business magazine and is the author of three books: A Deaf Dog Joins the Family," co-author, “Grooming Without Stress: Safer, Quicker, Happier,” and “Your 10 Minute a Day Dog.” Terrie is also the creator of the new Deaf Dog Course, details of which you can find on her website: https://courses.positiveanimalwellness.com.

Terrie works with families and their animal companions, presents workshops, travels, and consults focusing on positive reinforcement interactions and modifying behavior through applications in behavior analysis.

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