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Fire in the HOLE Fun!

Kristina Casanova

Smoke Alarm Training for Dogs caught my eye living out in the country, far from "city" fire department and resources. Thoroughly enjoyed the session, concep...

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Smoke Alarm Training for Dogs caught my eye living out in the country, far from "city" fire department and resources. Thoroughly enjoyed the session, concepts and materials presented by Anders. Booking online and Zoom presentation were smoothly handled by Grisha. Looking forward to working with my girls on this training! (Hunt, TX)

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Your Dog Can Be a Hero 🔥

By teaching dogs to let us know when they smell smoke, we have a portable, efficient way to prevent the destruction of fires. When Swedish dog psychologist Anders Hallgren first developed Smoke Alarm Training in 2000, the fire department he was working with compared the efficiency of a trained dog and a commercial smoke detector.

Guess who won?! The Dog.

Back then, the world of dog training wasn't yet ready to create four-legged smoke detectors, but this groundbreaking technique is now starting to spread like...well...wildfire. With climate change, fires have become more and more prevalent and I predict that every city will have at least one or two Smoke Alarm Training specialists within the next 10 years.

This was originally a live mini-course with two sessions. We have finished those 2 and they're available for you to watch on demand. We've also just added a third BONUS session so that Anders can review student videos again - we'll announce the date soon.

  • Teach your dog to quickly find and alert you when there's smoke or fire.

  • Don't worry - your dog can learn the difference between cigarette smoke, candles, camping, or a fireplace fire and a dangerous house fire.

  • Suitable for professionals and regular dog families.

  • Also get a FREE eBook version of Anders' Smoke Alarm Training.

  • Excellent additional skill for service dogs, but trainable for companion dogs too!

  • Safety disclosure: We still recommend that you have electronic smoke alarms as a back-up.

  • Live video broadcast and recordings.

  • Included with Diamond Membership (see below).

A Life-Saving Skill That's Fun to Train

We hope you'll never have a fire, but if you do, how cool is it that your dog can save your life?

  • Two Video Sessions Recorded Live

    Session 1 is a presentation to teach the technique of Smoke Alarm Training, which has already been used to save lives.

    Session 2 was a follow-up, two weeks later, where Anders reviewed lots of student-submitted training videos and questions.

  • Bonus Review Session

    In the 3rd session, Anders will go over student videos again.

    Don't worry if you can't attend attend it live, although I highly recommend that you submit some of your training videos in advance. You can also ask questions in advance, if live won't work for you.

  • More Bonus Material

    With your registration, you get the recordings of the two live videos, a 3rd live session and streaming recording after the fact, a PDF version of Anders' smoke alarm book, and supporting handouts to help you understand the material more thoroughly.

    3 CCPDT CEUs, IAABC CEUs pending.



Anders Hallgren, MSc.

Anders Hallgren is considered to be the the first dog psychologist in the world and has written 31 books on dog training, with a focus on mental activation and empowerment. Anders was examined 1971 as a psychologist, MSc, at the University of Stockholm, Sweden.

Anders was the first in the world to train dogs to detect mold in buildings, which today is somewhat of an industry in Scandinavia. He was also assigned to start a program for educating service dogs for assistance dogs in Sweden, which is now effectively developing. In 2000, Anders introduced smoke alarm training for dogs and the interest is growing for this training in several countries. Anders is a global treasure in the dog behavior field. a I'm thrilled to have him sharing his wisdom and experience in my online school, and I'm proud to stock his book Smoke Alarm Training for Your Dog in my online store.
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Meet Andy (interview video)

Done back when we could meet in person!

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