Fireworks, Thunder, Barking, and other Loud Noises...

An estimated 20% of dogs develop fear of loud noises, showing avoidance, quaking, drooling, barking, or other signs of anxiety. 90% of those dogs may be helped. But how?

In this online presentation, Swedish ethologist Karolina Westlund will cover what we know about how to prevent and resolve these challenging types of situations by exploring different dimensions to address the problem of noise sensitivity. This presentation will be heavy on practical skills and science.

Webinar with Live Q&A Session starts 10am PST May 11, 2022. The session will also be recorded if you can't attend live.

  • Suitable for pet owners, professional dog trainers, and behaviorists.

  • Learn how to prevent the development of noise phobia.

  • Discover the early signs of anxiety.

  • Find out what to do in an emergency situation, but also what to do when there’s more time to prepare.

  • Dissect the science of noise phobia and examine the state of the evidence.

  • Attendees get a copy of Karolina's excellent eBook, “Fireworks and Dogs – the Definitive Guide” (containing links and a reference list).

  • Webinar will be recorded and available to watch starting 24 hours after the broadcast.

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Help your dog overcome their fear

  • Instructional Video & eBook

    Join us live to be able to ask questions at the end. The session and Q&A will also be recorded for you to watch or rewatch any time!

    Includes slide notes, an automated session transcript and a copy of Karolina's eBook on Fireworks - all available within 24 hours after broadcast.

  • Q&A Session

    Gain further insight during the live Q&A session with Dr. Karolina Westlund.

    Diamond Members who cannot attend live can also post questions for Karolina before the event in the Diamond Member FB Group.

  • Continue the Learning

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About the Instructor

I'm thrilled to be welcoming Karolina to my Academy. Read on to learn why!

Associate Professor of Ethology

Karolina Westlund

Karolina Westlund helps pet lovers and animal professionals get happier animals that thrive in the care of humans. She is an Associate Professor of Ethology at the University of Stockholm, with a passionate interest in animal welfare seen through a multidisciplinary lens, including Behaviour Analysis and Affective Neuroscience. She now spends most of her time teaching how behaviour management can be used to improve animal welfare.

She offers live seminars, free online webinars and masterclasses in addition to more extensive online courses, as well as the occasional blog post or scientific publication on the topic of enrichment, animal training and wellbeing. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her husband, two kids, and a new cat companion.

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