Deep Dive into Nosework for Cats with Extra Help from Hanna!

If you're looking for a way to really understand what's going through your cat's mind when they are searching, then this is your chance to get the support you need to take your cat scentwork sessions to the next level.

In this add-on event, Cat Nosework expert Hanna Fusihara will be mentoring students who have taken Introduction to Nosework for Cats to help them fully understand the technique. This is an opportunity for you to get feedback on videos of your own cat(s), ask questions, and share videos.

Hanna will meet for a group mentoring session in Zoom at 10am PT on March 29th, 2023.

Note: This mentoring course is a companion to Introduction to Nosework for Cats. It's not meant to stand alone. Be sure to enroll in both Intro and this mentoring course. Diamond members are automatically registered for both!

  • Structure: This group session is live on Zoom in webinar format and will be recorded for enrolled students and Diamond members only.

  • You can share your cat Nosework videos by sharing your screen live during the event or you can submit your video for us to share for you (instructions are in the course player).

  • You can ask your question by text, or you can ask to come on camera.

  • You can also just learn by watching other folks share their videos and get feedback.

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I'm Beyond Excited that Hanna is Mentoring This Course!

Read on to find out why....

Hanna Fushihara, CPDT-KA

Hanna Fushihara CPDT-KA, believes that the best training puts a smile on your face and strengthens your bond with your learner!

Hanna has been permanent & temporary staff to many cats; over the years eight that she has called her own and many that she helped through TNR (trap, neuter, return) and/or were foster, She has been teaching canine nosework since 2018 both in person and online and reached the NW3-Elite title level competing with her pit bull Derek before he passed away. Finding herself with no dog, Hanna started developing her own ideas on how to play nosework with her cats in the spring of 2020 during the start of the pandemic, making adjustments to how she knew how to play nosework with dogs so that her cats would find the activity fun, challenging, and motivating. She’s been adding her imaginative, artful skills and humor to the mix with Nosework Cats to make it unique and her own.

Her cats Muncho and Mini are her muses and helpers. They were both found as strays by Hanna and her husband at different times and places, screaming as loud as their little kitten voices could. Muncho has been the workaholic in terms of nosework and might actually be the first cat to have garnered a nosework award while participating in an online event meant for dogs. Mini is happy to dabble and has been increasing her skills and confidence.

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