BAT Plays Well With Others

My Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) is a specific socialization technique and it's also a philosophy of empowerment. It blends well with other techniques to address dog reactivity and improve well-being. For example, TTouch® helps dogs develop better body awareness, which allows them to increase body control and consequently have more self-control and self-confidence. Rest and relaxation also play a major role in this method, as do breaks, individual learning pace, bonding and well-being. The body work, ground exercises, and training equipment in TTouch® can be combined with BAT. Together, they powerfully improve resilience and reduce distress.

I've asked author, Certified BAT Instructor, and TTouch® practitioner Katrien Lismont to teach this live online seminar on blending these techniques. Students raved about her Micro Signals webinar here on the site, so I know the next one will be inspiring, too!

Wednesday, June 2, 10 am - noon Pacific. This live online session will also be recorded for you to view later.

  • See how BAT can add more active choice and natural movement into TTouch®.

  • Learn how TTouch® body awareness can help dogs be more confident and learn more during BAT set-ups.

  • Especially helpful for pet professionals, also appropriate for people with their own dogs.

  • Live online session - you'll also get access to the recording afterwards if you can't make it live or want to rewatch over and over.

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BAT + TTouch® = WOW!

Combine these empowering techniques to take resilience to the next level.

  • Better training

    I'm thrilled to have Katrien teach this webinar. TTouch® is one of the many roots of BAT, but I am, by no means, skilled in TTouch®.

    I know several trainers who combine the techniques, to great effect. I can't wait to learn along with you!

  • 2-hour Live Webinar

    This live session will be shared via Zoom.

    Diamond members: you can always join in Zoom or stream in your private Facebook group.

  • Bonus Material

    If you miss anything live, don't worry! The video recording of the session, including the Q&A at the end, will be in your course player within 24 hours. You'll also get a PDF of the slides from the online seminar.

    2 CEUs.

Meet Katrien

Dog Trainer and TTouch Practitioner

Katrien Lismont

Katrien is a canine behavior trainer in the south of Germany. She has her own training center called DOGood, where today she mainly trains people and their dogs in the form of week-long intensive programs, applying clicker training, Tellington TTouch and behavior Adjustment Training on a daily basis.

It all started with Tellington TTouch for her boxer lady Daisy who suffered severe anxiety problems and from there on, the journey went on. Katrien learned from excellent trainers like: Sheila Harper, Ute Blaschke-Berthold, Grisha Stewart, Chirag Patel, Susan Friedman and many more speakers on several conferences and seminars.

She strictly adheres to a holistic approach, following the hierarchy of interventions as described by Dr. Susan Friedman. She has been educated in several coaching systems and supports humans and dogs alike.

She has been educated as a Bach Flower counsellor and a canine natural nutritionist to complete the wholesome behavior training. She is well-known in the German-speaking region from her many seminars and has written three books in German on Dog Training and behavior Training.

Today, she shares her life with her dogs: Eden and Hutch.

„Hund Trifft Hund“ (Dog meets dog), „Ums Eck Gedacht“ (thinking around the corner - playful ways to practice impulse control), and „Das Gassibuch für besondere Hund“ (Walking your special dog).

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