Diamond membership pricing options

Being a Diamond is a great value! Access ALL of our live and on-demand streaming content.

Diamonds are also part of a thriving, supportive community that loves to dig into every aspect of dog behavior. You'll get help from a massive range of emotionally intelligent dog training and animal behavior classes, taught by my favorite experts from around the world, with fresh new offerings.

Diamonds also get special events, student coupons, and other perks.

Scroll down to learn more about Memberships with Automatic Renewal as well as One-Time Passes or visit the Diamond page to learn more about the program.

Memberships with Automatic Renewal

Get all of the Diamond perks, at a low rate that you can count on. The rate will never go up for members signed up for automatic renewal, so the value gets even better over time.

  • $39.99 / month

    $39.99 / monthDiamond Membership All Access Pass

    Our standard option - get quality education at a low monthly rate.

    Automatic monthly renewal. Cancel renewal any time and retain access for the rest of your month.
    Get Monthly
  • $444.00 / year

    $444.00 / yearDiamond Membership All Access Pass

    Best value! Get a full year for the price of 11 months.

    Automatic annual renewal. Cancel renewal any time and retain access for the rest of your year.
    Get Annual

One-Time Passes

This is the best option if you'd rather have a membership that expires at the end of the term.

  • $240.00

    $240.00Diamond Membership All Access Pass

    One-time payment for 6 months of access. Will not auto-renew.
    Buy 6 Months
  • $480.00

    $480.00Diamond Membership All Access Pass

    1 YEAR PASS.
    One-time payment for 1 year of access. Will not auto-renew.
    Buy 1-Year

If you choose to purchase a monthly (or annual) Diamond membership with renewal, it will go for a month (or year) from the start date and then renew automatically each month (or year) after that. You can easily cancel renewal at any time and your access to the content will just expire on your renewal date.

Please choose the right amount of time for your pass or membership, as we do not offer prorated refunds.