A Biological Tour of BAT 3.0 - Guided by Curiosity

Come join us for a juicy conversation about dogs and science! This is a unique offering where I get to chat with author and Biology Professor Tim Lewis, PhD about how Biology interweaves with my BAT 3.0 technique for dog aggression, frustration, and fear.

We've prepared by reading each other's books and having fascinating chats on all things dog. Tim also has created a few short micro-presentations to explore certain topics in a bit more depth and I'll be bringing some videos of BAT for Tim to look at through the lens of an evolutionary biologist and border collie fanatic.

This isn't a webinar with lots of powerpoint. We do have ground we want to cover, but this tour of BAT and Biology could go just about anywhere! I hope you'll join us live, but it will also be recorded for registered students to watch later.

See you Wednesday, June 21st, 10am - 12 pm Pacific Time. Bring your questions!

  • Suitable for dog trainers, behaviorists, shelter workers or anyone who wants to help dogs.

  • Discussion prompt examples: What's happening during a BAT session, biologically?

  • What did I learn in Biology class that isn't actually true?

  • What's the difference between the nervous system and the hormonal systems, what is their function, and what does that have to do with BAT??

  • What should I know about dog biology that would help me use BAT more effectively?

  • How does our human view of the world differ from our dogs, and how might that affect behavior?

  • What are some important differences between dogs and humans that relate to learning and behavior? What do they have in common?

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  • Presentation + Q&A Session

    You'll get the live webinar, plus streaming access to the recording of the discussion after the fact, a live Q&A with Tim and Grisha (me), a low-resolution version of the power point for your personal use, and links to further resources.

    The recording has an automated session transcript. The live session in Zoom has subtitles.

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About the Instructors

Senior International Officer, Associate Vice Provost for Global Learning and Strategy, Professor of Biology

Timothy Lewis, PhD

Tim Lewis has a PhD in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and studies a wide range of animals from turtles to domestic dogs. His classes include the biology of dogs, ecology, neuroecology, natural history, and evolution.

He is a Professor of Biology at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. An award-winning teacher, he gives talks about dog biology around the country. His scientific research is mostly on turtle ecology.

Tim recently published a popular book entitled Dog Biology: From gonads, through guts, to ganglia, available in English and German. Three border collies allow him to cohabitate in their home.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Author

Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP

I'm a collaborative dog trainer, author, podcaster, international presenter, and keynote speaker based in Oregon, USA. I enjoy developing empowering approaches to dog socialization and everyday manners.

I'm fascinated by animal behavior, somatic awareness, and psychology. I'm passionate about wholehearted living for all beings, including dogs with a history of aggression, frustration, or fear as well as puppies and my other favorite species: humans.

My Behavior Adjustment Training technique (BAT 2.0 and the new BAT 3.0) is used worldwide to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. A conservative calculation is that well over 200,000 people have learned about BAT so far.

I have always loved teaching. I earned a Master's in mathematics and taught college courses, but I found my true calling in dog training. I have been teaching dog training and behavior since 2003. In 2010, I started traveling worldwide to teach dog trainers about BAT. In 2014 I developed BAT 2.0 and also started my online dog training and behavior school, which now has over 100 classes from my favorite emotionally intelligent dog experts. My new podcast, The Lesson is Love launches in 2023.

As an outgoing introvert, I enjoy traveling to cooperative conferences and love teaching about dogs online. I refresh my batteries by savoring life in the woods with my husband (Tom), Labrador (Joey), cat (Garbanzo aka "Adventure Kitty" and "Baby Panther"), and Little Brown Dog (Zuki).

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