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mind spinning

Catie Louwers

Excellent course!! Having "met" Emma Lee virtually when Max came into my life in '21, she started me on the right track, pointing me in the right direction!!...

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Excellent course!! Having "met" Emma Lee virtually when Max came into my life in '21, she started me on the right track, pointing me in the right direction!!! This course has added so much more on how his fear can bounce back and in what ways I can help him to feel safe. Thank you so much Emma, you've got my mind spinning again!!!

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5 star rating

This course can give your dog so much more security

Steffi Krause

I loved the course, as it is a topic that in most dog trainings is completely underrated, if mentioned at all. Most trainers I know use it only for separatio...

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I loved the course, as it is a topic that in most dog trainings is completely underrated, if mentioned at all. Most trainers I know use it only for separation anxiety or maybe medical training. But dogs are so much smarter than us with learning so many cues, we should put more effort to that and teach them useful ones that help them in difficult situations. Thank you so much Emma for brining more awareness to that!

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Helping Dogs with Big Feelings Thrive Instead of Survive

Conditioned safety signals are learned ways to predict safety from a particular danger. Understanding this process offers us a way to work with dogs who have many learned fears; we can work more easily with avoidance behaviors which are notoriously difficult to overcome.

By understanding the key processes, we can clarify safety learning and explore all the avenues to help our dogs in a kind and empathetic manner.

This is new scientific information! Much of what we now know about safety has been learned in the past three years and it is a promising field in relevance to anxiety, learned fears and phobias in particular.

This powerful 1.5 hour presentation was created just for the Grisha Stewart Academy and is available to stream now!

  • Explore the key terms of conditioned safety signals.

  • Help clarify the processes that comprise safety learning.

  • Discover how you can put conditioned safety signals into practice.

  • Suitable for anyone working with a dog (or any other animal!) who wishes to add more tools to their trainer toolbox.

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A framework to help you care for your dog.

Build resilience and nourish emotional health.

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About the Instructor

We are so grateful to have Emma teaching in the Academy.

Certified in Shelter Dog Behavior (IAABC)

Emma Lee

Emma runs Lighten Up Dog Training, supporting clients whose dogs struggle with all the BIG emotions. She helps caregivers, behaviour consultants and trainers work effectively, empathically and efficiently with dogs, both online and in person.

With a background in psychology and education, she qualified to teach in 1995 and has worked with children, adolescent, and adult human learners, as well as learners of other species since then. That’s included 1 to 1 sessions as well as leading conferences with over a thousand delegates at the Emirates stadium in London. It’s included poets, librarians, scientists, headteachers, kittens, terriers, ferrets, beagles, and shepherd dogs. It’s her aim to make learning irresistible to all.

She has been working in French animal shelters since 2014 and continues to support kennel-based and foster-based rescues in SW France, having spent 6 years as an elected trustee and behaviour consultant in one of France’s largest open-access shelters. She now works across Western Europe.

She is an advocate for client-centred approaches with her human clients as well as her canine clients. ‘Compliance’ is practically the dirtiest word she knows, and she knows lots of dirty words. Working with animals on a growth agenda in a model where their human caregivers are expected to ‘comply’ was the reason she wrote Client-Centred Dog Training for dog trainers who wanted to use less coercive processes with their humans. She truly believes R+ is for humans too.

Emma’s private clients come to her with a range of problems where bites, growls, snarls, and snapping have become the norm. Many come because of legal, familial, cultural, or social pressure to adapt. She also provides support for dogs who are sensitive to the world and struggle to regulate their emotions in ways that are healthy and growth-promoting. Her specialist subjects are fear, impulsivity and frustration, especially since these often fuel fear-based or predatory behaviour in ways that can have significant fallout. She also works online and in person as a tutor to dog trainers and behaviour consultants.

She lives with her rescue Belgian shepherd, Lidy. Both are navigating a world where they were shouty, opinionated teenagers living outside of the system, and now find themselves in a middle age that is bewildering and thrilling in equal measures.

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