New for 2022! How Has BAT Changed, and Why?

If BAT 1.0 was "natural," BAT 2.0 was "organic," and 3.0 is also "sustainable." When I released Behavior Adjustment Training 1.0, it was very controversial in the positive dog training community. Tons of people loved it, and others were worried that it might be too stressful.

The judgement of BAT was largely due to misconceptions, but I'll freely admit that there was also some room for improvement, which I'll show in this webinar. For example, we used to lead the dog directly toward triggers, stopping at the first overt signs of overt focus. Now we have the dog in control of the process in a much larger way, and make it easy for people to know when to stop allowing the dog to go closer.

BAT is always improving, and with the leash belay, glimmers, and S.A.F.E., BAT has changed enough by now that we can officially call it BAT 3.0! This is a live webinar where I'll reveal the latest version of BAT including S.A.F.E. framework, the leash belay, and several fine-tuning tips to make BAT even more effective and holistic. With the purchase of this webinar, you'll also get access to my BAT 1.0 to 2.0 evolution video, which starts off with a brief overview of BAT 2.0 for dog reactivity, for those students who aren't yet familiar with it. In the second half of the video, I go through older video footage and explore the inspirations behind the fine-tuning of BAT from 1.0 into 2.0.

Live Webinar with Q&A Session October 26th, 2022. 10am Pacific Time.
$29 early bird through Sep 30. $39 after that until October 26, then $49 for the regular price. FREE For Diamond Members and CBATI to CBATI-KSA Transition folk.

  • Deep dive into what's new in BAT 3.0 and explore the differences with 2.0 and 1.0. Find out why these changes happened and what has been the result.

  • Discover the motivation behind the use of a Long Line, and the creation of Mark and Move.

  • Find out what happened to the Stages in BAT in 1.0. and why learning BAT 2.0 is still relevant today.

  • Get familiar with the Leash Belay System, Glimmers and Secure Attachment Family Education (SAFE).

  • Understand how and why the definition of "Threshold" as it relates to BAT has changed.

  • BONUS: Includes the 2019 recording of "The Evolution of BAT 2.0" webinar ready to watch now, plus slide notes from both 2019 and the updated 2022 powerpoint.

  • This is a Required Course for CBATI-KA Certification.

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How has Behavior Adjustment Training changed since 2009?

BAT builds resilience instead of reactivity by creating scenarios that increase learner control, build confidence, and reduce arousal.

  • Live Webinar

    Get the latest info! Explore how BAT has evolved to give the learner more control, reduce stress, build better communication, and be easier to learn than ever.

    Change can be hard, and this presentation will explain, step by step, change by change, how we got from 1.0 to where BAT is today.

    Some understanding of BAT 1.0 or 2.0 would be helpful, but isn't 100% necessary.

  • Fast Learning Curve

    BAT works with an animal’s natural repertoire of desirable behaviors, and doesn’t require much pre-training for the human to begin the rehabilitation process for both them and their dog.

    BAT is useful for aggression, frustration, fear, and puppy socialization.

  • Bonus Material

    Also includes the 2019 recording of "The Evolution of BAT 2.0" and the PDF notes from the Powerpoint from both the 2019 and 2022 presentations.

    1.5 CPDT CEUs. IAABC pending.

Praise for the BAT 2.0 book

Susan Friedman, Ph.D.

"When I ask behavior professionals, ‘What are your eyes for?’ they reply enthusiastically, ‘To see!’ But when I ask, ‘What is your behavior for?’ conference rooms fall silent.

In BAT 2, Stewart provides the essential answer to this all-important question: Behavior is to have an effect, that is, to be effective. By safely allowing dogs more control over their own outcomes, especially in challenging conditions where fearful, frustrated and aggressive behavior is most likely, caregivers will be more successful shaping independent, competent, confident companions."


Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Author

Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP

I'm a dog trainer, author, and international speaker based in Oregon, USA. I enjoy developing creative, empowering approaches to dog socialization and everyday manners. My most recent development is the leash belay technique, which leverages physics to allow handlers to comfortably bring pulling dogs to a gentle stop.

I'm an animal behavior geek, passionate about wholehearted living for all beings, including humans and dogs with a history of aggression, frustration, or fear. My Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT 2.0) technique is now used worldwide to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. A conservative calculation is that well over 100,000 people have learned about BAT so far.

I have always loved teaching. I earned a Master's in mathematics and taught college courses, but I found my true calling in dog training. I have been teaching dog training and behavior since 2003, started traveling worldwide to teach dog trainers in 2010, and started an online dog training school in 2014. My partner and I currently live with Garbanzo (aka "Adventure Kitty" and "Baby Panther") and Zuki (the sweetheart of a dog pictured here).

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5 star rating

Clear and concise explanation of BAT 3.0

Dana Simel

I appreciate being able to follow the slides during the presentation and being able to download the slides to review. There is much information and Grisha ha...

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I appreciate being able to follow the slides during the presentation and being able to download the slides to review. There is much information and Grisha has made it understandable. Thank you. Thank you!

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