Which words come to mind when you think of Street Dogs?

Stray? Abandoned? Feral? Starving? These common labels are often applied to Street Dogs (or rather, Free Living Dogs) but in doing so, they limit our ability to dig deeper into the “how” and “why” of these fascinating groups of dogs .

Lucky for us (and them!) Sindhoor Pangal has conducted extensive research into the lives of Free Living Dogs. Her findings go beyond the basic labels and revels a complex society that will change your view of these dogs forever. In fact, it will likely change how you look at all dogs.

The life of a 'Street Dog' is not easy, but it’s definitely not what you may think!

Join us for this live Webinar and Q&A Session on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 9am PDT.

 Will be recorded for all registered students to watch at a later time that suits.

  • Suitable for pet owners, trainers, behaviorists, shelter workers and anyone looking to expand your knowledge and skills to support dogs.

  • Explore the definition of Street Dogs and understand why Sindhoor prefers to use the term Free Living Dogs.

  • Shed light on what life is really like for Free Living Dogs. What do they do all day? Using activity budgets and video observations, Sindhoor dives into the science and shares her analysis.

  • Understand the roles that human play. Are they as wary of us as we may think? Does training ever play a part? Are we a help or a hinderence?

  • BONUS! Gain some further food for thought as Sindhoor walks us through Quantitative vs Qualitative analysis and why she prefers one over the other when it comes to studying dogs.

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A Warm Welcome from Sindhoor

Find out what's going on with the Street Dogs of Bangalore

Dig deeper to discover the root(s) of their behavior.

  • 2 Hours of Video

    A 1.5 hour live presentation (approx) followed by a 30 min Q&A.

    The Q&A sessions in the Academy are interactive, often more like a discussion with me (Grisha) and the presenter, answering questions from the students and linking it to the bigger picture of what we teach in the school. It's a great way for you to get Sindhoor's help to further understand the material.

  • Continuing Education Units

    Professional dog trainers and behaviorists earn CEUs from the CCPDT and IAABC!

    IAABC: Pending

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    Webinar attendees are also eligible to continue the conversation in the Grisha Stewart Learner Support Facebook Group.

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    The recording of the webinar will be available approx 24 hours after the live broadcast for registered attendees to watch again and again!

About the Instructor

I'm excited to welcome Sindhoor to my Academy. Read on to learn why!

Canine Behaviour Consultant, Principle & Director of BHARCS

Sindhoor Pangal

Sindhoor Pangal is a canine behaviour consultant, a canine myotherapist and an engineer by qualification. She is a TEDx speaker and the author of the book, Dog Knows.

Sindhoor quit her corporate life as a VP of a silicon valley based start up, to pursue a career with working with dogs, after her own dog Nishi met with an accident and needed special physical and emotional care. While she started working as a behaviour and myotherapy consultant for companion dogs, her passion for ethological studies of free ranging dogs in India grew!

Her studies have been published in the IAABC journal and the PPG blog in the US, was presented at the PDTE summit in the UK and was mentioned in the book Canine Confidential by Dr. Marc Bekoff and a National Geographic Bookazine called the Genius of dogs.

Sindoor is currently pursuing her masters in Anthrozoology from Exeter University (UK) and is also the principal and director of BHARCS which offers a one of its kind, UK accredited level 4 diploma on canine behaviour and applied ethology. BHARCS attracts students from all over the country and the world and today boasts of students from all parts of India and across the globe.

While she wears many hats, Sindhoor’s favourite role has been being a mommy to two amazing dogs - Nishi (who recently passed away) and Cheeru, who she considers her inspiration and her greatest teachers.

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