What Do You Need to Know About Life with Intact Dogs?

More and more pet guardians are keeping their dogs intact for various reasons. As trainers, walkers, and daycare providers, whatever our personal position for our own family dogs, it’s time for our community to re-evaluate policies on intact animals in our care and classes.

As the majority of dogs in the USA and UK are “fixed” at a young age, many animal care professionals, even in the veterinary setting, have never dealt with intact dogs through their life cycle. That includes me - my dogs as an adult have always been rescue dogs who are spayed and neutered (though I grew up with intact dogs).

This webinar on the behavior of intact dogs is a chance for us to be more knowledgeable so we can better support our dogs, clients, and community.

Join us as we welcome Sara McLoudrey (she/her) Intact Dog Specialist, Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KSA) and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) from the US to learn how to live with and have intact dogs in classes.

Live Webinar with Q&A Session hosted by me (Grisha Stewart) with special guest Erin Lindell, DVM from Sweden. See you April 5th, 10am Pacific Time.
Will be recorded for registered students to watch later.

Please Note this talk is about behavior. We will NOT be medical advice on whether you should or should not spay or neuter your specific dog. That is a discussion between you and your veterinarian. We will, however, have a veterinarian joining us for the Q&A session!

  • Suitable for family dogs, breeders, professional trainers, behaviorists, shelter workers, and anyone looking to expand your knowledge and skills to support dogs.

  • Deep dive into the mounting evidence that leaving dogs intact has a variety of benefits.

  • Review the many myths attached to the benefits of spay and neuter procedures. What does the science have to say?

  • Get up to speed with the essential biological information you need to know about both the male and female reproductive system and how hormones can impact behavior.

  • Learn how to respond to your intact dog's needs in a way that builds trust and promotes Secure Attachment.

  • Intact dogs are nothing to be afraid of or shy away from. Get the knowledge you need to understand and welcome intact dogs into your home and business.

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Myths and Practicalities of Intact Dog Behavior

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I'm so excited to be welcoming Sara to my Academy!

Read on to find out why....

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Professional Dog Trainer

Sara McLoudrey, CDBC, CPDT-KSA, FF-CT/L1 Elite, LS-SC, Pet End of Life Doule, FitPaws-MT, TagTeach L3

Sara McLoudrey (she/her) owns Decisive Moment Pet Consulting and has been a professional dog trainer since 2004. Currently, Sara is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), CPDT-KSA, Fear Free Certified Professional Level 1 and Certified Trainer - Elite, Low-Stress Handling Certified, Pet End of Life Doula, FitPaws Master Trainer, and TagTeach Level 3.

Over the years, she has seen how our relationships with dogs have changed and even how the “positive/force free/clicker” training world has evolved. For Sara, it is inspiring to help continue and promote this growth mindset for fellow trainers, behavior consultants, and pet guardians.

Sara specializes in Care with Consent (cooperative care), human-directed aggression, resource guarding, helping senior dogs thrive, and living with intact dogs. Currently, she offers personalized virtual behavior modification programs and virtual group interactive classes for pet guardians and pet professionals, such as Care with Consent Foundations, Tip Top Toenails, and Muzzle Magic. In addition to working directly with clients, she offers specialized services for pet professionals - veterinarians, veterinary nurses, groomers, and training colleagues.

In addition to Decisive Moment Pet Consulting, she is the former Head Trainer at Synergy Veterinary Behavior. Her professional animal training career started by founding ROOT Dog Training in suburban Chicago. In 2016, she sold ROOT, moved to Portland, and joined the team at Synergy Veterinary Behavior.

Over the years, Sara has completed with positively trained dogs in retriever field tests, high-level competition and rally obedience (Utility and RAE level), conformation, and elite level nose work. Sara shares her life with Lindy and Punky, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

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