"I want to do that, NOW!"

If dogs could speak in a human language, some of them would be screaming these words in frustration.

It can be annoying to have a dog demanding access to toys or food. Rushed greetings can lead to fighting with other dogs and even just pulling toward other dogs or people can be hard for the handler to manage.

The ideal dog for this course should exhibit frustration toward people, dogs, or some other specific thing. You can also be working on prevention of frustration with a younger dog. This course is NOT for resource guarding -- just an overly large interest to go get to something or do something.

  • Address frustration in a way that meets the dog's needs and yours.

  • Training set-ups using BAT for frustration issues.

  • Training skills that improve patience.

  • Prerequisite: knowledge of Behavior Adjustment Training via BAT 101, BAT 2.0 book, or equivalent.

  • Format: Videos & Text with 6-12 self-paced weeks of practice.

  • Included with Diamond Membership (see below).

Bark Bark PULL Bark Bark

Learn how to get your dog on the same team and reduce excitement to encourage better choices.

  • What's the Antidote to Frustration?

    Empowerment, having effective and healthy ways to meet needs, is the opposite of frustration.

    By "healthy," I mean behavior that doesn't conflict with others (including people) also meeting their needs.

  • Who is This For?

    The how-to portion will be accessible to 'regular' dog lovers and the additional dog-geek discussions are meant for professional dog trainers and dog enthusiasts.

    This course assumes some understanding of the BAT leash skills as a prerequisite.

  • Practice Exercises

    For each section, you'll get a set of exercises to do with the dog(s) in your care. All training is done at your own pace. The courses is meant to take 6-12 weeks.

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5 star rating

Another great course.

Janet Whittingham

Excellent course for reviewing and gaining more ideas. I feel everyone works their own way and have ways of working. These courses are very good, as personal...

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Excellent course for reviewing and gaining more ideas. I feel everyone works their own way and have ways of working. These courses are very good, as personally their is always some new ideas, ways of working or little considerations, ways of looking at things, that provoke further thought regarding my work around dogs. Very enjoyable.

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5 star rating

Helpful for Trainers

Lisa Hunt

Such a great course, lots of information. It really gets you thinking. I would highly recommend it to my other dog trainer colleagues.

Such a great course, lots of information. It really gets you thinking. I would highly recommend it to my other dog trainer colleagues.

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What's Included in this Course?

Select Section 1 for some sample lessons

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome! School Overview

    • How to View This Course

    • Syllabus: What You'll Learn

  • 2

    Section 1: What is Frustration?

  • 3

    Section 2: Reducing Overexcitement

    • Exercise & the Brain: Are You Making It Better or Worse?

    • Other Tips to Reduce Arousal

    • Training: Conditioned Relaxation

    • Training: Sudden Environmental Change as an On Switch

    • Pause to Practice

  • 4

    Section 3: Control is a Basic Need

    • Science on Control as a Reinforcer

    • More Please Signal to Give Dogs Control Over Stressors

    • Premack Principle Overview: the "Relativity Theory of Reinforcement"

    • Training: Hand Targeting

    • Training: Mark & Move and Other Survival Skills

    • Pause to Practice

  • 5

    Section 4: Meeting Needs

    • Using the Premack Principle Wisely

    • What Are Your Dog's Unmet Needs?

    • How Needs Lead to Problems

    • Training: On/Off Switch with the Premack Principle

    • Training: Speed Training for Loose Leash Walking

    • Pause to Practice

  • 6

    Section 5: BAT & Frustration

    • BAT Set-Up Refresher

    • I Use More Mark and Move with Frustration

    • BAT Set-Ups for Frustration

    • History of BAT and Frustration

    • Silky Leash Method for Loose Leash Walking

    • Pause to Practice

  • 7

    Section 6: Predictability & Consistency

    • Why Predictability and Consistency are Important

    • What Do You Want?

    • How to Add Predictability to Your Dog's Life

    • Pause to Practice

  • 8

    What's Next?

    • Next Steps


Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Author

Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP

I'm a dog trainer, author, and international speaker based in Oregon, USA. I enjoy developing creative, empowering approaches to dog socialization and everyday manners. My most recent development is the leash belay technique, which leverages physics to allow handlers to comfortably bring pulling dogs to a gentle stop.

I'm an animal behavior geek, passionate about wholehearted living for all beings, including humans and dogs with a history of aggression, frustration, or fear. My Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT 2.0) technique is now used worldwide to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. A conservative calculation is that well over 100,000 people have learned about BAT so far.

I have always loved teaching. I earned a Master's in mathematics and taught college courses, but I found my true calling in dog training. I have been teaching dog training and behavior since 2003, started traveling worldwide to teach dog trainers in 2010, and started an online dog training school in 2014. My partner and I currently live with Garbanzo (aka "Adventure Kitty" and "Baby Panther") and Zuki (the sweetheart of a dog pictured here).

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