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Excellent webinar

Ursula Linton

Fascinating information on all aspects of the "computer mediated communication" that we are all involved in these days! Dr Pregowski is an expert in this fie...

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Fascinating information on all aspects of the "computer mediated communication" that we are all involved in these days! Dr Pregowski is an expert in this field and a very amiable presenter. Thank you so much.

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Debbie Lustig

Our field is riven with conflicts. If you want to train dogs, talk with dog trainers or just hang around online, you must learn how to negotiate contentious ...

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Our field is riven with conflicts. If you want to train dogs, talk with dog trainers or just hang around online, you must learn how to negotiate contentious subjects. Social media management skills are just as important for many of us to learn as how to train dogs, yet there's been a dearth of good resources until now. This webinar was super helpful. In his calm manner, Michal nailed the important concepts of communicating online. There was loads of info on what it is, how it works, how it differs from "IRL" and in what specific ways we can manage it better - including opting out entirely. Loved it, watched it over several hours (stopping to pause and think) and plan to watch again soon. Thank you, Michal and Grisha.

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Arguing online...we’ve all been there!

The Internet brings us together despite physical distance, national borders, and sanitary limitations. I love that dog trainers can share training techniques with each other and help dogs across the globe. Unfortunately, it's also a space that's dangerous to mental health, where people are easily aggravated and prone to treat each other without much empathy.

We’ve all been there, either taking sides and actively trying to prove others wrong in an online “discussion” or merely witnessing with discomfort how the tensions unravel.

It doesn’t help the dogs if, for example, our “well-reasoned” arguments to treat dogs with more kindness actually make people more defensive and blind us to the humanity of the person online with whom we’re sparring.

Sociologists study what we have in common, the likely human responses and ways of learning. We aren’t “bad people” when we fall into these traps, but we can redirect our natural urges and find better ways to connect. That’s why I’ve asked my friend Michal Pregowski, a professor and super-brilliant sociologist from Poland, to inspire and teach us how to navigate sensitive conversations online.

What makes computer-mediated communication (CMC) so peculiar? How can we be open to finding solutions for the greater good and communicate online with empathy? Join Michal as he answers these questions and offers solutions to nurture safer online communities.

Recorded live in April, 2022.

  • Suitable for pet owners, trainers, behaviorists - anyone who wishes to learn more about online conflicts and become better at handling them.

  • Understand the psychological and sociological mechanisms making online communication unique in comparison to face-to-face communication.

  • Shed light on the factors behind disinhibited online behaviors such as harsh, unconstructive and unempathetic criticism, verbal abuse, or trolling.

  • Explore existing codes of conduct and discover resources for facilitating peaceful social coexistence online.

  • Get tools to manage conflict situations within online communities you have vested interest in (e.g., conflicts between clients or between coworkers).

  • Improve your online self-expression as well as achieve a healthier and more empathetic online presence.

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A Few Words of Welcome from Michal...

Start Improving Your Online Communication Today!

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About the Instructor

I'm thrilled to be welcoming Michal to my Academy. Read on to learn why!

Assistant Professor

Michał Pręgowski, PhD

Michał Pręgowski, PhD is a Sociologist and Anthrozoologist from Poland where he works as Assistant Professor at the Warsaw University of Technology. His main research interests include human-animal interactions, with emphasis on human-canine bond and relationships.

Michał has published four books, including edited monographs ”Companion Animals in Everyday Life. Situating Human-Animal Engagement within Cultures” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) and ”Free Market Dogs: The Human-Canine Bond in Post-Communist Poland” (Purdue University Press, 2016). He serves as Vice President for Policy at International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) and is part of the Editorial Board of Anthrozoös, academic journal devoted to research on the interactions of people and animals.

Before turning to interspecies relationships, Michał’s research focused on online communities and Internet ethics. His works from that period include a book titled “Zarys aksjologii Internetu” (English translation: “Outlining the Axiology of the Internet”, 2009) and a few articles on propagated values in online communities and the positive personal pattern of the Internet user.

Michał is a father of two, a husband, and an avid trail runner with a penchant for existential musings – especially when in the mountains with his dog!

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