Help Your Puppy Live a Long & Happy Life

Raising a puppy during the Covid era presents some special challenges. Puppies get used to the routines of this time, and will need special training to avoid fear and other issues when routines change again.

Vet care is also harder during this time, as the intake process is different and you may want (or be mandated to) only go to the vet during times of crisis. It’s important to know what health concerns to look for in your puppy.

Being at home a lot more, particularly with children, also presents more challenges in terms of puppy biting, jumping up, sleep, stealing / guarding, and more.

Recorded live in October, 2020

  • Common health issues to look for in puppyhood.

  • Body handling: why and how to help your puppy get used to touch.

  • Direct help for pet families and also useful for professionals.

  • Preventing separation-related issues.

  • Frustration: to include biting, jumping, and general over-excitement

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What are the Puppy-Raising Challenges Now?

Even if you've raised many dogs, this is a different experience!

  • Who is This For?

    The main aim of this webinar is to help families with their dogs.

    This webinar is also helpful to dog professionals, including dog trainers, breeders, and shelter staff advising adopters, due to Katey's perspective as a Registered Veterinary Nurse and behaviorist currently consulting with clients and puppies.

  • Live On-Demand recording

    Watch right away to get tips useful for new puppies. Excellent for anyone with a puppy.

    The information that I found most helpful, as a trainer, was the section on what kinds of health issues are common in puppies. Which require a vet visit, and which don’t?

  • Bonus Material

    With your registration, you get a streaming video presentation and a PDF of the slides to help you understand the material more thoroughly.

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Applied Animal Behaviorist, Registered Vet Nurse

Katey Aldred MSc, FdSc, RVN, APDT (01204), CAB, CBATI-KSA

Katey earned a master’s degree in animal behavior and training as well as a canine specific degree in behavior and training. She has worked in the animal industry since 2001, gaining practical experience to back up the theoretical experience.

She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild along with the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Katey was among my first UK BAT students and she is a Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor Knowledge Assessed (CBATI-KSA).

Katey works with owners regularly during classes, one-to-ones and workshops to help them reach their training and behavior goals. Katey utilizes positive reinforcement and incremental training steps to achieve these goals.

Student Feedback

4 star rating

Really Enjoyed

Georgia Ryan

The videos were great to visually see what Katey was talking about. The vet part was great. Incorporating the health related issues was good particularly for...

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The videos were great to visually see what Katey was talking about. The vet part was great. Incorporating the health related issues was good particularly for those that may not consider these to affect puppies behaviour.

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4 star rating

I found it very informative and helpful.

Darcy Whelihan

I guess it gives a link to time frame of webinar but more just puppies in general vs pandemic ones.

I guess it gives a link to time frame of webinar but more just puppies in general vs pandemic ones.

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