A Systematic Plan for Resource Guarding

Dogs want to keep their stuff…that’s totally normal. What isn’t acceptable in a home with humans is growling, biting, barking, or other maneuvering to keep access. All too commonly, it’s actually the environment that sets a dog up to behave in that way, and fortunately, we can also rearrange things to address this common issue.

You’ll see the details of Diane’s famous systematic ATA approach for dog-dog guarding in action in this live online case studies course, where Diane will be coaching two teams with their own dogs!

We’ll be choosing one demo team with dog-dog resource guarding and another with dog-human resource guarding, plus a spare.

Live on Wednesdays March 17, 24, and April 7, 21 at 10 am Pacific. Sessions are approximately 1.5-2 hours and will also be recorded for attendees to view later.

  • Practical sessions: live work with 2 case studies.

  • Force-free positive training for safe, reliable results.

  • Step-by-step protocols, spelled out in a handout and demonstrated live..

  • All live sessions will also be recorded for you to watch later.

  • Theory and practice! The course includes on-demand access to the video of Diane's Resource Guarding webinar as the on-demand intro to this topic. Watch it any time to get help right away.

  • Suitable for professional dog trainers as well as families with dogs.

  • 6 CPDT dog trainer CEUs pending.

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Watch live consultations with two dogs who guard resources.

One case each of dog-dog guarding and dog-human guarding.

  • Watch in Real Time

    This is a live video course with a bonus of an on-demand video introduction. You'll get to see Diane take a history with the clients and work through training exercises for dogs who guard resources.

    Live session recordings will also be on your Dashboard to watch later.

  • Details Make the Difference!

    Diane's step-by-step process for resource guarding will give you a straightforward way to work on this issue.

    Includes a handout, "Resource Guarding to Peaceful Sharing - 60 steps."

    6 CEUs pending.

  • Ask Anything!

    At the end of each session, Diane will spend up to 30 minutes answering questions from dog trainers and people with their own dogs.

    Course students are also eligible to be in the GrishaStewart.com Facebook group to continue the conversation.


Dog Trainer, Author

Diane Garrod PCT-A, BScj, FF1, CC1

Diane Garrod is a founding member of the Pet Professional’s Guild for Force Free Trainers (PPG), and provides private consultations working with dog aggression cases through Canine Transformations Learning, WA State. Canine Transformations is home to the Canine Emotional Detox (CED): the first systematic stress release program for challenging dogs with over 600 cases researched. Diane is an expert in aggression, which includes resource guarding and working with dog that have behavior challenges with people and other dogs. Diane is admin of groups “Force Free Trainers: Solving the Aggression and Behavior Puzzle”; The “Canine Emotional Detox: Stress release for challenging canines”; “Canine Behavior Analysis and Science”; “RV Dogs On The Road: Training Tips and Tricks” Facebook groups.

Diane is a writer for "Barks from the Guild" and working on two upcoming books based on stress in canines and aggression and behavior analysis. She has been featured on "Barks, Books and Banter" and holds workshops worldwide in person and online.

Diane has spoken on stress release in dogs and aggression to include multi-dog households fighting at APDT conference, Australia; PPG Conference, Florida; and multiple workshops around the U.S.

I hope you can join Diane for this live course, but it will also be recorded for you to watch if it doesn't fit your schedule.
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