As Science Relearns, So Do We!

The Revisited Series is a new initiative where we ask the Instructors of some of our most popular recorded webinars to share a fresh view of their work in a live re-broadcast setting.

Each session will feature the replay of a previously aired webinar, with the Instructor encouraged to stop the video at any time to answer your questions live, or explore areas in the protocol that they feel they would teach differently in light of new research or experience.

In this session, we are bringing back Diane Garrod to revisit her incredibly popular webinar, ‘Resource Guarding - For Dogs who Growl and Bite to Keep Their Stuff’. First aired in 2020, this webinar was a runaway success and spread the word about Diane’s methods to help modify resource guarding behavior without having to resort to tools.

We are big fans of adaptive learning, so what would Diane change from her original talk at the Grisha Stewart Academy? Curious? Us too!

Join us to find out! Wednesday, July 3, 2024. 10AM Pacific Time. The live session and real time interactive Q&A will be recorded for Diamond Members and Purchasers to watch within about 24 hours of the broadcast.

Library Passholders will have access to the recording starting approximately one month after the live broadcast.

  • Ideal for anyone who has watched Diane's previous webinar and would like to update their knowledge.

  • This webinar is based on a rebroadcast of the original webinar so it's also suitable for people new to the concepts of Resource Guarding.

  • Resource guarding is a common issue in companion dog households, and it is also totally normal. Find out how Diane changes a dog's emotional response to guarding situations.

  • Explore what Resource Guarding looks like and learn to adapt your training to work with guarding from dogs, people, or both.

  • Ask Diane questions as we move through the presentation. Also participate in the interactive live Q&A session.

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This Webinar Includes...

  • 2 Hours of Content

    Includes the live revisited webinar and interactive q&a with Diane hosted by Tom Candy.

    Accessibility: Captions for the live session and downloadable handouts to assist your learning. Translated captions available in the live session only. Recording includes automated session transcript and captions.

  • Resources & Continuing Education Units

    Includes a copy of the original webinar slides (for student use only).

    Professional dog trainers and behaviorists who are Diamond Members or have purchased the Webinar, can earn 2 CCPDT and 2 IAABC CEUs

  • Continue the Learning

    Webinar attendees are also eligible to continue the conversation in the Grisha Stewart Learner Support Facebook Group.

    Diamond members can also post questions for Diane and Tom in the special group for Diamonds.

Meet the Instruction Team

Diane is an internally reconized expert on Resource Guarding so is perfect to offer a revised version of her original webinar. Your host for this event is Shelter Dog expert Tom Candy.

Dog Trainer, Author

Diane Garrod PCT-A, BScj, FF1, CC1

Diane Garrod is a founding member of the Pet Professional’s Guild for Force Free Trainers (PPG), and provides private consultations working with dog aggression cases through Canine Transformations Learning, WA State. Canine Transformations is home to the Canine Emotional Detox (CED): the first systematic stress release program for challenging dogs with over 600 cases researched. Diane is an expert in aggression, which includes resource guarding and working with dog that have behavior challenges with people and other dogs. Diane is admin of groups “Force Free Trainers: Solving the Aggression and Behavior Puzzle”; The “Canine Emotional Detox: Stress release for challenging canines”; “Canine Behavior Analysis and Science”; “RV Dogs On The Road: Training Tips and Tricks” Facebook groups.

Diane is a writer for "Barks from the Guild" and working on two upcoming books based on stress in canines and aggression and behavior analysis. She has been featured on "Barks, Books and Banter" and holds workshops worldwide in person and online.

Diane has spoken on stress release in dogs and aggression to include multi-dog households fighting at APDT conference, Australia; PPG Conference, Florida; and multiple workshops around the U.S.

Senior Training and Behavior Advisor

Tom Candy BSc (Hons.), MSc, CCAB, CSBS, CBATI-KA

Tom Candy is a Senior Training and Behaviour Advisor for one of the largest dog rehoming organisations in the United Kingdom and is also a behaviour and welfare Trustee for Hope Rescue Wales. His duties include assessment, management and behaviour modification.

A passion for animal welfare and training led Tom to undertake a BSc (Hons) in bio-veterinary science, and an MSc in clinical animal behaviour from the University of Lincoln, UK.

Having started volunteering in rescue at the age of 15, Tom has been involved in a variety of aspects of rescue, including fundraising, home checks, transporting, and general day-to-day activities.

An international speaker, Tom is Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, a Certified Shelter behaviour specialist with the IAABC, a Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor - Knowledge Assessed (CBATI-KA), and a full member of the APBC. He is the host of Simplifying Shelter Behaviour Podcast available on Spotify.

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