Small Dogs are Real Dogs Too!

I haven't always loved small dogs, but, as I mention above in the YouTube video from a few years ago, I've changed my mind! Small dogs are adorable, portable, and can be a lot of fun to share life with, and they aren't just toys. There are some specific challenges that people face when they care for small dogs, including bias from other people, safety issues, aggression, and training problems.

This on-demand online seminar discusses empowerment and positive dog training that will be helpful for both regular pet folks and professional trainers.

  • Asking for and getting consent for picking up, grooming, etc.

  • Housetraining for small dogs.

  • Biting and guarding behavior.

  • Barking in the home and at other dogs.

  • Teaching your small dog to come when called.

  • Included with Diamond Membership (see below).

Peace and Understanding

This video goes far beyond the basic understanding of sit/down/stay.

  • 1.5 Hour Video

    As soon as you register, you'll be able to watch this informative, practical video and use the skills right away with your small dog.

    This was originally recorded as a live webinar.

  • What's Covered?

    - Benefits of having a small dog
    - Problems specific to small dogs
    - Ways to empower small dogs while still setting safe boundaries
    - Training and safety challenges for small dogs
    - Reading body language
    - Reinforcement strategies
    - & much more

  • Bonus Material

    You'll also get PDF notes of the Powerpoint from the presentation and a quick quiz for understanding. The quiz also allows us to issue a certificate if you are a professional and need CEUs.

    1.5 CPDT CEUs.

What's Included?

This is a recording of a live webinar about how to thrive with small dogs. You'll also get the slide notes for your personal use.

  • 1

    Welcome to Small Dogs Rule!

    • Small Dogs Rock webinar video (1.5 hours)

    • Powerpoint Slide Notes - personal use only (PDF)

    • What's Next?


Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Author

Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP

I'm a dog trainer, author, and international speaker based in Oregon, USA. I enjoy developing creative, empowering approaches to dog socialization and everyday manners. My most recent development is the leash belay technique, which leverages physics to allow handlers to comfortably bring pulling dogs to a gentle stop.

I'm an animal behavior geek, passionate about wholehearted living for all beings, including humans and dogs with a history of aggression, frustration, or fear. My Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT 2.0) technique is now used worldwide to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. A conservative calculation is that well over 100,000 people have learned about BAT so far.

I have always loved teaching. I earned a Master's in mathematics and taught college courses, but I found my true calling in dog training. I have been teaching dog training and behavior since 2003, started traveling worldwide to teach dog trainers in 2010, and started an online dog training school in 2014. My partner and I currently live with Garbanzo (aka "Adventure Kitty" and "Baby Panther") and Zuki (the sweetheart of a dog pictured here).

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