Why does BAT feel so good?

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) has helped socialize and rehabilitate aggression in over a hundred thousand dogs. How does the process work for us, the people on the other end of the leash?

Humans are integral to the success of any dog training or behavior modification technique. That's where anthrozoology comes in (the study of human interaction with non-human animals). BAT is uniquely anthrozoologically designed to incorporate the human's participation alongside the dog and to promote positive well-being for all species participants.

Join us as CBATI-KSA, Anthrozoology lecturer and Phd Candidate Molly Sumridge examines the key elements of BAT that ground it not just as a behavioral approach but as an anthrozoological one as well! She will look at how the design of a technique helps people navigate it, how they participate, and how they feel during the process. Then she'll dig into how those aspects contribute to why BAT has been so widely successful. 

For this webinar, it will be helpful (though not 100% essential) to have experience with BAT.

Live Webinar with Q&A Session: December 7, 10am Pacific
Will be recorded for all registered students to watch at a later time.

  • Suitable for pet owners, trainers, behaviorists, shelter workers and anyone looking to expand your knowledge and skills to support dogs.

  • Discover the fascinating field of Anthrozoology and understand how it comes together naturally with BAT 2.0 and the new BAT 3.0.

  • Explore the mechanics of the human-animal bond.

  • Understand the role of interspecies empathy in conflict resolution.

  • Come away with a fuller understanding of human cultures surrounding dogs that makes BAT uniquely successful where some other techniques fall short.

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  • 2 Hours of Video

    A 1.5 hour webinar followed by a Live 30 min Q&A.

    The Q&A sessions in the Academy are interactive, often more like a discussion with me (Grisha) and the presenter, answering questions from the students and linking it to the bigger picture of what we teach in the school.

    It's a great way for you to get Molly's help to further understand the material.

  • Resources & Continuing Education Units

    Includes a copy of the Presentation Slides (for student use only).

    Professional dog trainers and behaviorists earn CEUs from the CCPDT and IAABC too!

    CCPDT: 2 CEUs, IAABC: 2 CEUs

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About the Instructor

I'm really excited to be welcoming Molly back to my Academy. Read on to find out why!

Dog Behavior Consultant & Anthrozoologist


Molly Sumridge is a dog behavior consultant focused on primitive dogs, and behavior modification for dog sports and pet aggression. She is also an anthrozoologist studying human-animal relations and relationships specific to domestication, primitive/ancient dogs, non-traditional companion animal relationships, and dog sports.

Molly leads the canine program in the Carroll College Anthrozoology department, in which students train and care for foster dogs during the academic year. Her courses focus on training, canine ecology, cross-cultural human-canine relationships and conflicts, working dogs, and critical analysis of human-animal interactions and relationships. When she is not teaching or consulting she is up to her eyeballs in research working on her PhD in Anthrozoology, focused on the impact of labels on dogs, specifically New Guinea singing dogs.

While the intersection of all things human and non-human animal is her love and her life, Molly grounds herself through her loving husband, calamitous cat, patient parrot, spicy snakes, a flock of charming chickens, and a cast of colorful canine characters.

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