What's Included?

Here are all the courses that I put into the scholarship for shelters and rescues. Note that this is a $849 value, but it is is FREE for shelters around the world! Info below.

If you're not a shelter/rescue, or if you want to access ALL 100+ classes and special events, check out the Diamond membership.

Apply for the Scholarship

Free access for non-profit rescues and shelters worldwide.

If you're not a shelter/rescue, or you want to access ALL courses, check out the Diamond membership.


  • One login per organization. Please verify with your volunteer coordinator that there isn't already an account.
  • Any country! This school is international.
  • Requests for membership only allowed from an official representative of the organization, preferably the volunteer coordinator.
  • Scholarship offer limited to non-profit organizations that rehome animals.
  • Your organization can also request a discount code for 2 free weeks of access to a Student Essentials bundle to share with adopters, volunteers, and staff.
  • Note that this access is for institutional use, not for individuals offering professional dog training to the public (totally fine for professionals who work or volunteer at a shelter to be accessing the material this way). CEUs are not reported for shelter accounts.
  • I have had a rescue directory to feature scholarship recipients in the past and intend to create one again. Stay tuned!
  • Courses included in the bundle are subject to change and may be removed at any time.
  • Thank you for your important work!

To APPLY: [email protected] with the following information:

  • Organization name
  • Postal mailing address
  • Non-profit tax registration / VAT number [Click to up tax exempt ID for US organizations]
  • Email address for the login that is permanently accessible to Staff. like info@ etc. rather than a personal name that could become obsolete.

NOTE: We also have an Affiliate Program where people can earn income for referrals or donate their referral income to shelters! Click here to learn more.