Office Hours

Our team is on a 2-week Summer Break through September 6, 2021 and we will return emails at that time. If you're a Diamond member, please put 'Diamond - URGENT' in the header for urgent requests and we may see it if we forget we're on vacation. All courses are still available online. Thanks for your patience.

I have help from some awesome team members in the US and Europe. There is usually someone online when you are, but please allow a 24 hour response time Monday to Friday, and 72 hours Saturday - Sunday.

Need help right now to access a live course? Email and we'll get you in ASAP.

  • Make sure your internet browser is up to date. My school supports the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

  • In order to make sure my site runs well for you please make sure you have Javascript enabled, graphic and audio output capability (speakers or headphones), & a broadband internet connection with a minimum download speed of 5Mbps (recommended). If you have trouble with a video, you can turn down the resolution to have it load more quickly.

  • If you are experiencing issues with video playback, try accessing the course via "My Dashboard", or using a different browser. My site no longer recommends using MS Edge.

Help With Transition from Old Site

  • I had an account on your old site. Do I need to make a new account here?

    We transferred all accounts from my old site over to this one in mid-April, so if you had an account there, you should have one here too.

    Your account contains all of your previous purchases and you will keep the same email address, but you will need to change your password as we were unable to transfer those for security reasons.

    To create a new password, click on "Forgot Password?" on the login page.

  • My password isn't working/I've forgotten my password. Help!

    If you haven't logged into this site yet, please note that passwords from the old site will not work here. Reset your password using the same instructions as below.

    If you have created a new password for this site, but simply forgot it, you can reset your own password by going to:

    1. Home Page
    2. Sign In
    3. Then enter your email and click "Forgot Password”
    4. In the next screen, enter your email again
    5. The system will send you a password reset link which will be valid for 6 hours. This email can take a few minutes to arrive so hang tight until it gets to you
    6. Please check your spam incase the email ends up there.

    Here's a direct link to reset your password.

  • I'm looking for one of your courses from the other site and I don't see it here.

    This is a brand new home for my online school and we are still in the process of migrating courses.

    We hope to have that process finalized in the next few months, but if there is a course you really want to take now that is not available here yet, then it should be available on the old site. Please also contact my Help Team via the button at the bottom of this page.

  • I purchased digital content over on the original site. Can I access that here?

    Good news! Individual items still don't expire, so if you purchased any items (eBooks, webinars, courses, etc.) on my old site, those will be available in your new account once all the content has been fully migrated across.

    Most are available now, and can be found under My Dashboard.

  • I have a Student or Pro membership on the original already. Will I get a membership here automatically?

    Pro and Student memberships from the old site are being phased out, but you will of course still get everything you paid for, and a little more. You can see them by clicking on the the My Dashboard menu in the upper right.

    Rest assured, you still get to access to all of the Member Library videos that came with your membership level, for the duration of your membership. Most of it is accessible here already, and if it isn't, it's still on the original site.

    Diamond and Gold are a big step up from the previous membership levels, so there isn't a straight transfer to one of the levels on this site. Here's why the new memberships are awesome!

    The products that were for sale on the old site (courses, webinars, feature films, ebooks) were not included in the Pro and Student memberships, but many of them are now part of the Gold membership and all courses are available to Diamond members.

Help Getting a Course or Membership

Last Updated August 24, 2021

  • Will my membership rates ever go up?

    No! As long as your membership is active (i.e., you have it automatically renewing each month), you'll have the same rate as when you registered. You're grandfathered in to the rate you had when you signed up. I think it's important not to have things change on people!

    Eventually we'll have to change the public rate and fair's fair - if you cancel the membership for some reason, and then restart, then you'll pay whatever the current rate is for your future payments.

  • What's the difference between buying a course and getting it with a membership?

    If you want to keep access to a course or video forever, you can buy it individually.

    If you love learning about dog training and want to access more than one course, especially on a regular basis, then membership is the better way to go.

    As long as your membership is current, you can revisit any course in the membership, and if you have a membership, you won't be able to (or need to) buy a course until the membership expires.

  • Do you still offer scholarships for shelters and rescues?

    Yes! We have a special bundle of courses just for shelters and rescues that is absolutely free. The value is $799. Click here for scholarship info.

    We also have an affiliate program where you can get money for your shelter! Click here for affiliate program info.

  • When I first logged into the new site I had access to lots of courses, but now I don’t. What happened?

    Diamond members get access to all of the courses and what happened is that your free month of Diamond membership expired. When I first transferred original users over from my old site to this one, I gave everyone a month of Diamond Access for free. That access has now expired and you will only have access to any content you purchased on my old site.

    If you would like to get all those courses back, you can sign up for a Diamond Membership, which is a really good value. Find out more here.

  • Does a membership trap me? What's your cancellation policy?

    I'm all about freedom of movement and choice, so you won't ever be stuck in a plan that doesn't fit. You can cancel renewal of your subscription payments at any time.

    Your membership access will expire at the end of your paid month and you won't be charged again. There’s more info below in the Questions After Purchase section.

  • How does the billing cycle work?

    When you register for a membership, it renews on the same day, the following month. So if you sign up on December 10, your membership will automatically renew on January 10. Renewal means your card will be charged for the next month of membership.

    If you cancel your membership at some point, you won't be charged again, but the membership will stay active (i.e., you keep access) until the end of your membership date. So if you sign up on December 10 and then cancel on December 15, you'll still be able to attend courses through January 9.

    When your membership expires, you'll no longer have access to the courses from the membership, but if you had already registered for something else directly, it will still be in your library. You can always restart your membership.

  • How can I make a direct Paypal payment?

    Paypal doesn't work for automatic renewal subscriptions on the site. Direct registrations (buying a single class or book) can be done with debit cards, credit cards or Paypal, but memberships can only be done on the site via debit or credit cards.

    If you really want to pay for a membership with Paypal, the easy way is to use your Paypal credit card here on the site (if you have one). You can also contact us and our staff will manually set something up with you.

  • Can I purchase a Membership as a Gift?

    While you can't purchase a Membership for another person directly on the site, you can certainly contact us to set one up for you. What an awesome present! Thank you for thinking of us.

  • How do you handle my personal data?

    Please click Privacy and Data Policy to learn more about your personal data, how we use it, and the steps we take to protect it.

Questions After Purchase

Last Updated April 26, 2021

  • I'm signed up for a course, but I just see the sales page. How do I access the course?

    Please make sure you're already logged in and you're using the same email address you used to purchase the item.

    Once you're logged in, go to the link at the top that reads "My Dashboard" and that will show you all the courses you are in. From there, click on "Start Course," "Resume Course," or just on the course image (if you click on "Course Overview", it will take you to the sales page, but that will have the option to "Resume Course"). 

    If this doesn't answer your question, please scroll down to contact my Help Team.

  • I'm signed up for a LIVE online course. Where do I go to attend?

    All live courses have now moved from my old site to this one, so any courses you are registered for on this site are viewable by clicking on the menu item: My Dashboard.

    If you haven't yet registered for a live course, but want to, you can buy the live course on this site or you can get a Diamond membership, will include access to the course. If you want to keep the course forever, then please buy it individually, rather than accessing it with a membership.

    Click here for a list of upcoming live courses.

  • How can I tell which Membership level I have?

    You can see that in the Subscriptions section on the bottom of the Billing page.

    To navigate there yourself, log into the site and go to the drop down arrow next to your name/profile photo on the header bar. Select 'My Account'. On the left hand side, select "Billing" from the list of options then go to Subscriptions. Your membership level will be listed here.

    If you have any further questions about your Membership, please contact us.

  • How do I upgrade from Gold to Diamond?

    The easiest way to upgrade is to cancel your Gold membership (under subscriptions) and purchase the Diamond membership. Then email the help team (see below) to say that you upgraded and we'll refund the balance of your gold membership.

  • How do I downgrade from Diamond to Gold?

    If you want to switch from Diamond to Gold, just cancel your Diamond on the billing page and purchase the Gold, when your Diamond expires at the end of your billing cycle - or contact us and we'll help you do that more smoothly. Please note that if you do upgrade back to Diamond, it will be at whatever rate is current at that time.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    If you need to pause or stop your membership, you can cancel renewal of your subscription payments at any time on the billing page.

    Your membership access will expire at the end of your paid month and you won't be charged again. Come back whenever you want! See below on how to switch from Diamond to Gold.Please don't ask for a refund unless you were actually unhappy with the courses. In that case, we will definitely make it up to you - contact us.

    Note: We hope it's a temporary break and you'll come back! I have to warn you that if you start up again, it will be at whatever the membership rate is at that point, so if you've locked in an introductory price, that will go away if you cancel.

  • Where do I find a certificate for a course or webinar I've completed?

    Certificates show you have completed a course. When you fully complete all lessons in the course, a certificates will be listed in your account. You can navigate there using the menu bar or here is the direct link to certificates.

  • Do you offer CEUs for courses? How do I get them?

    I'm super happy that my school is an Approved Education Provider for The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers® (CCPDT®). As a result, many of our courses have been approved for CEUs, with many more on the way!

    We report CEUs to the CCPDT twice a year (April and October). In order to not miss out, please make sure that:

    1. You have entered your CCPDT CPDT number correctly in My Account>Your Profile>CPDT Number. Please don't enter any other characters or information in this space or you won't appear in the report.

    2. You have completed CEU courses to the very end of the course player. Only courses marked 100% complete will show in the qualifying reports.
    The quickest way to check your percentages is to log into your account, and go to My Dashboard>My Courses. Each of your courses will have a % bar.

    But just as a head's up; courses whose CEU status is marked as "Pending" at the time of the report will not be included in this round as they are still awaiting approval. They will be included in the next reporting period instead. For all other organizations, you can print/download your course certificates and use those as proof of attendance.

    If you have any questions, School Headmistress Claire is here to help. Contact her via the "Email Help Team" button below.

Physical Products (Books, Leashes, etc.)

Last Updated November 13, 2020

Help with the Affiliate Program

Last Updated June 16, 2020

  • Do you have a way for individuals and shelters to earn income for referrals?

    Yes! It's super easy to join the affiliate program and start earning cash for referring people to memberships and courses.

    I will also double the amount if you donate your affiliate income to a US non-profit shelter or human rights organization.

    Click here for affiliate program info.

  • I need help participating in the Affiliate Program.

    We'd be happy to get you going on that. There's a special course in My Dashboard for affiliates. You can also contact Claire for direct help.